The mission of our church is “to exalt, to edify, and to evangelize.” Our newly started English service is one way how we fulfill this mission. This prayerfully birthed out service was the result of a growing desire to strengthen the life of discipleship, and to reach out to the neighborhood in which God has planted this church.

Luke 15 compels us to take every human life seriously. Even if one person is “lost,” Jesus taught that even that person is precious in the sight of God and worth rescuing! Jesus in fact strongly challenged the attitude of the teachers of the law who kept “undeserving” people from experiencing the abundant and eternal life offered in God. We as a church want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to imitate the radical embrace of Jesus by welcoming all to enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime — a transformative encounter with the living God!

This new service led by a group of young adults who are passionate about God, value all cultures, languages and generations, and are not afraid to navigate the messy realities of our life. If you live in the Los Angeles area, or are visiting, we welcome you to join our 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Sunday service. You can expect a time of worship, encouraging messages from the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you soon!