The word of God urges us to remember those in prison, as if we were there ourselves (Hebrew 13:3).

The Census Bureau clearly shows that a very high percentage of jail inmates were once juvenile offenders.
Our church recognizes that Satan is the ruler of this world and prisons are his strongholds. At this time, we continue to pray for all the juvenile groups/prison inmates and their families. We are also working with different Christian organizations on the possibilities of making periodic visits to local Juvenile detention centers to share the goodwill and hope in Christ and to demonstrate the love of God embracing these Juvenile groups who in spite of their crimes are just children who are in trouble and need help.

We look forward to achieve this by engaging them in more activity oriented programs like playing games, singing, skits, magic shows, karate/acrobatic demonstrations and throwing parties. Also, at all our visits, we hope to share the gospel by distributing literatures and sharing personal testimonies/the Word.